Meet the team

  • Niu Bei

    Niubei leads up our design and user experience department, Niubei has worked on some of the worlds biggest global brands and lives to make amazing products that millions of people will engage with daily.

  • John Yick

    John is the founder of Yick Solutions and is one of the most talented Windows developers in Suzhou. Since university John has been working in the enterprise software space building large, secure and scalable applications.

  • Yang Qiang

    Yang Qiang is our resident Java guru, he takes huge problems and makes blistering fast Java server side solutions that are used by desktop applications, tablets, mobile devices and other servers.

  • Bai Yanshuo

    Bai Yanshuo designs and implements full stack solutions, with in-depth knownlage of both client facing frameworks and server side deployments. He has helped build enterprise grade solutions.

  • xu kun

    Xu Kun is our front development engineers, to complete the development, test and modify the bug of software, a deep understanding attaches great importance to the product performance optimization and the user experience.